Day 28 of Microsoft MVP: Muddling Through

Last week, Microsoft decided to let go all of its Customer Success Managers worldwide. Some countries had more notice than others; some had more opportunities than others.

And just about all of us in the Office 365 Yammer Network were shocked, even horrified.

We get that things like this happen. We also reserve the right not to like it one bit.

These people, these CSMs, are amazing examples of leadership and innovation, of good humor and sheer helpfulness, of Doing More and Being More (which is incidentally my company’s internal slogan, so to say we all got along is understating it a bit).

The issue? Well, it would seem that this position was just not scalable, and had gone outside the original scope, especially when you read in a bit about Microsoft’s plans.

We’re rallying now, making sure we’re doing what we can to help these truly awesome people who have helped us so much in that O365 network.


We’ve got a lonely playground. From

With that, my colleagues and friends have expressed their feelings and findings in various beautiful and succinct ways.

Bonus: It’s actually worth reading the comments, because they’re from people like me as well as the CSMs themselves. You’ll get the full spectrum here.


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