Book Spine Poetry: The Once and Future King

I saw this fabulous idea just today over on Stan Carey‘s blog: Book spine poems.

I went around to my bookcases and grabbed a book here, another there, until my arms could barely hold them comfortably and I was in danger of capsizing.

This was a strangely intimate process. I felt more turned inside out of myself than I expected, perhaps more aware of parts of my brain than usual when writing a poem.

For then, I’m usually sunk within the creativity and not thinking of myself at all. Here I was all active and alive and lit up, yet at the same time in a trance-like state focusing on nothing but these books.

I can’t wait to do this again.

Here’s what I came up with, and thank goodness for punctuation:


Book spine poem #1

The Once & Future King

The once and future king,
A river in the sky.
Life, the universe, and everything;
The mote in God’s eye.

At the back of the North Wind,
beyond the looking glass,
The end of faith—
It’s easier than you

…does it matter?

One thought on “Book Spine Poetry: The Once and Future King

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