The Return to Macrobiotics

I hate being sick.

I realize I am neither alone in this nor particularly original, but I bring it up anyway because lately, every time I decide to Eat & Exercise More Better (TM pending), I also fall prey to a stupid cold.

Coincidence? I really wonder!


This koala is not amused.

This time, even I can acknowledge that said stupid cold started tendriling on me a few days before I decided to make a big shift in my daily food regime.

Still. Having a bug bugs. Be glad you’re on the other side of my screen.

To occupy my time…

While I’m recovering, here’s what I’m doing: The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics, which I first tried out with great success in 2009…

check out a bunch of foodie recommendations here

…and rather fell off from after 2011, with both fervent and uninspired attempts at resurgence over the past years.

But several colleagues are doing the Whole30 this month, and while that program has a lot of cool things in it besides a refreshing honesty, the thought of doing a Macrobiotic30 resonated with me more.

(I considered calling it a Macrobe30, but…no.)

And I’d still have a built-in support group with others suffering forging bravely ahead with their own plans.

One of the things I love about the Hip Chick

Jessica Porter outright tells you to argue with her, argue with her book, forge your own path with what works for you. You gotta admire that.

Plus, shopping and cupboard-stocking lists, and loads of recipes.

What IS macrobiotics anyway?

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, check with your doctor, do your own research, etc., etc.

Okay. It’s probably easier to say what it isn’t. It isn’t vegetarian. It isn’t vegan. It isn’t pescatarian, Mediterranean, Paleo, or Whole30.

But it has elements of most of these things. It definitely includes grains, veggies, fish, and other proteins, but meat is still okay.

It’s really about balance.

What isn’t okay: Processed food and food with ingredients you never heard of, can’t pronounce, and are too busy to look up, but we all knew that already.

What else you get: A whole new world of tasty food you may never have heard of.

For more details, you are best served going to the experts:



Speaking of refreshing honesty

I just dug up this post about a Cheat Day I had from when I was all gung-ho with macrobiotics.

It starts out: “The way I can justify food borders on the clinically insane.” Yep.

Tastebud Satisfaction

Since you read this far and I just made a batch of these last night, here’s my favorite recipe from Jessica’s book: An extremely tasty, slightly-sideways approach to the rice krispie treat.

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