Tastebud Satisfaction: Buddy Squirrel’s Whipped Creme Eggs

Easter is coming…and you’ll want to try THESE.

Author Becky Benishek

Previously known as Quality Candy’s whipped creme eggs!


I worked at Quality Candy one summer in their factory. At that time, Buddy Squirrel was on the OTHER side of the building and restricted itself to all manner of nutty mixes.

I never knew the secret candy recipes, but I know exactly how the chocolate looked both coming off the conveyor belt in the cold room and being stirred and poured into exquisite molds in the hot room.

We could eat all we wanted though we couldn’t take any home.

You might be surprised to learn that after about a week, you get used to the chocolate-drenched atmosphere.

After a week, you don’t bat an eye at the chocolate-covered mints rolling down the conveyor belt, or the molten mound of toffee poured onto the wide stainless steel tables to cool and harden before breaking it up into delicious rectangles, or the person-sized mixing bowls…

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