Community Management: What Happens When You Let People Form Groups

I just had to share a fun post I saw in my Yammer network’s “Classifieds” group:

“2008 Harley Davidson – Superglide Custom, 4,069 miles, python exhaust, highway bars. This is my husband’s…and yes he knows I posted this.”

When one of my users came to me not too long ago and asked if she could start this Classifieds group, I was happy for the experiment while at the same time not sure if people would really use it.

Our company just doesn’t have any precedent for a Sell/Rent/Buy listing in our intranet, over email, or even on an actual bulletin board.

Turns out, we needed one!

In recent weeks, this group has really taken off (spring cleaning?), and in addition, it provides a nice “getting to know you” facet of our culture.

We’re still below 300 employees, but are so heads-down at our jobs sometimes, that groups like this provide a timely reminder that we’re not doing any of this alone.

Which groups in your community seem to bring people together the most?

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