I Dug Out My Old Easter Basket And Found This

I still have my Easter Basket from when I was a child.


Yet it wasn’t until this moment that I realized: This may be where my fascination with all things googly eye began!


My mom painted and put together those eggs and the bunny, then completely decorated the giant styrofoam egg for the Easter Parade.


It wasn’t easy for her to hide this size basket in our house!

One year it was wedged behind the living room curtains, creating an unsightly bulge.

Another year, it was in the dryer.

Over time, she switched to just using a regular bowl so I could still have the fun of searching (and she had far more hiding places to use).

I don’t recall if the googly-eyed gang had any names, but I called this top-hatted egg with the glasses “Farrell.”


The other one, who knows, maybe it’s Fred Astaire.

Speaking of which…


I always remember my dad telling me the meaning of the word “rotogravure.”

Since it’s Easter, have another!



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