Motivation: What To Do After You’re 25

Sarah D. Bunting over at Tomato Nation is a veritable genius in dispensing AUAs: Actually Usable Advice (this is not that easy to do), among tons of other things.

I found this What to Do After You’re 25 list just yesterday, and I probably could have used it at the time, but I bet you can get some good out of it at any age. There’s no time limit to picking up some sense!


4. Develop a physical awareness of your surroundings. As children, we live in our own heads, bonking into things, gnawing on twigs, emitting random squawks because we don’t know how to talk yet. Then, we enter nursery school. You, having graduated college or reached a similar age to that of the college graduate, need to learn to sense others and get out of their way.”

As with all lists, you probably won’t agree with every single thing, but the point isn’t to get defensive. Instead, incorporate what makes sense to you and your culture.

With no further ado: 25 And Over.



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