My First YamJam: SUCCESS!

I’m still excited about it.

But this was me (and Yammy) BEFORE. I still had hours left to go before the YamJam started.


I am sure it will ALL BE FINE

And this was me after!



Yes, in addition to changing into a loud-mouthed frog, our first official YamJam was an unqualified success.

I know people use that phrase a lot, but I used it here because:

  • We had a highly specialized topic for our first Jam,
  • We knew going in that not everybody would be able to join. Our customers are often busy doing the things we talk about them doing, and this was no exception, and
  • After I posted the first question and waited those few breathless moments, when the first response appeared, I knew they “got” it–both this new format and what we were trying to achieve, which ultimately is to help our customers learn from each other.

And they were still chatting a half hour or more even after I’d officially ended the chat!

So. That’s why I’m still excited, because we proved to ourselves that this works for our customers, and we’re so going to do this again.


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