Giving Back: The Mentorship Cycle

What a fantastic day yesterday was.

Earlier this week, I received a LinkedIn message from someone whose company had just decided to invest in Yammer…and she had been put in charge of driving engagement.

She had just listened to my Yaminade Podcast, and did I have 20 minutes of time for her to pick my brain?

My reaction: Oh my goodness—

—I could talk about Yammer all day.

And we had a great (and fun!) talk, with plans to do this again in the future.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to help.

That what I went through when I started out has value for others.

That I can share with purpose.

And that I can learn in turn. No matter where someone is in their journey, their perspective and experience create even more ripples of learning.

I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without the people who have gone before me, people who do what I do, people who are still helping every day out on the O365 Yammer network.

I’m bringing all of this up because after our call, I also got to thinking:

I wouldn’t be able to talk about Yammer the way I just did,

I wouldn’t have been asked to do that podcast with a Microsoft Partner that’s out there for the public to hear, and

I certainly wouldn’t have been nominated to be an MVP about Yammer if it weren’t for the people in my company.

Everyone who chose, back on August 14, 2014, to give Yammer a try (no, I’m not likely to forget that date!).

Everyone who continues to use it to this day.

Every new hire who signs up.

I think I can point to every department here and see the use they’ve made of it, whether it’s to make a project more efficient, boost the signal on a piece of news, gain insight from a wider range of people, or post pictures that show our office life and why people want to stay here.

And of course, how staff supports the Instructor Community created for the benefit and professional development of our customers, out on our external Yammer network.

The support I feel is immense.

So all of this post is really just to say, sincerely, thank you, Crisis Prevention Institute.


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