Helping: The Power of Yammer

Yammer doesn’t just help you get your company working better, smarter, faster. It also helps you HELP, as in this story of a little boy with cancer.

Straight from the corporate blog of Marks & Spencer:

“Browsing the site, I noticed a photograph of a poorly looking boy who was cuddling a well-loved toy monkey. Intrigued as to why a photo like that would be on our internal site, I stopped scrolling and started reading.

“The post was from Sandra Johnstone, a Beauty Assistant at our Glasgow store. The boy in the picture was her friend’s son, Zac, who has been receiving treatment for cancer; the toy monkey was his special friend and had been lost.

“After trying to find the original through Facebook and Twitter, Zac’s family had given up hope. However, Sandra knew the power of the M&S Yammer network and posted the photo on the off chance that someone may have one.”

Click to find out what happened next.


This picture will make sense when you click the link.

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