Read: Who is Creating the Future Nobody Wants?

Who is Creating the Future Nobody Wants?

I gave this a quick skim and plan to return to it later. I thought it worth sharing in the meantime.


This leapt out at me: “Nowhere in our genetic code are we wired for destruction of all-things-sacred in the world.”

I’m not so sure about that. We do it so awfully well. It’s far easier to destroy than to create.

We’re better at it. Our knee-jerk reaction–unless we take a moment to stop and think–is to rend and tear.

Empathy can be learned. You kind of have to want to learn it, though.

Same as deciding that no, you don’t have to act on your first impulse, that you have the capacity to think.

It’s just a little (or a lot) harder, and human beings tend to prefer the easier road. We probably feel we’ve earned it.

So. I’ll be back to stop and think.

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