Yammer: Meet Offline, Take Note Online

There’s a big part of Yammer that works seamlessly whether you’re interacting with people within your own company or among many companies around the world.

And that’s bringing a meeting back offline.


Okay, this is a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but it’s still a meeting. With food. And bears.

Yammer has never been intended to replace every aspect of your company culture in general or job in particular. Yammer is an enhancement, a supplement, a way to make things more efficient, a way to make things easier.

And sometimes that means still having those actual meetings, with this additional step: Take those meeting notes right in Yammer!


Here’s why I like this tool: Yammer Notes auto-save as you type, so you never have to worry about a sudden power outage or keyboard incident. Multiple people can collaborate on one Note at the same time. Everyone’s changes are color-coded so you can instantly see who said what and what got added.

I had occasion both to do and to witness this in action this week. I wouldn’t even say that my own company culture lends itself to using Yammer Notes, but I have personally found them invaluable, especially in my position where I make How-To guides.

When you have a platform that enhances itself periodically, being able to update your tutorials easily is a boon!


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