To All the Writers…Get an Editor!

If you’re in the middle of writing, wishing you were in the middle of writing, or fast approaching a Budding State of Hopefulness because you’re about to send your baby out to an agent or publishing house—

—a good editor can quite literally make the difference between “almost there” and “oh my goodness, this is exactly what I meant.” Someone who doesn’t just check for grammar and spelling, but for sense. Someone who can tap into your cadence and flow. Someone who can switch in that one perfect word that reveals so clearly what you’re trying to say.

I found mine on Fiverr and I could not be happier. Check it out with this referral link for a free gig.!

All writers need editors. Even editors need editors. And that’s the way it should be!


This guy checked it out and couldn’t be happier himself.

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