Why Yammer? Why Not?

An Office 365 user wrote: “I’m so glad we aren’t using Yammer! There are too many things for community managers to administer.”


We are so not amused.

The discussion had been around a hack that a notable community manager employed to provide an easy way to detect when a member creates a new group in Yammer. Simple, easy, and time-saving.

And to me, completely natural to do.

I’ve never met an enterprise social network (ESN) or any kind of online community that didn’t need to evolve with its clientele–or require hacks along the way.

Some are better than others, but all of them need administration.

For us, Yammer really helped knit our global company closer together with our home network, and our customers love having their own External Network with which to exchange training ideas, get help with challenges, and meet people who do what they do all around the world.

I’d say this is one of the best ESNs I’ve encountered. Anecdotally speaking, Yammer has already proven its worth despite the occasional running around I need to do to make sure the experience is seamless for everyone else, and the uber-watchful eye I keep on the things we clamor for from Microsoft.

In other words, you’re never going to get that “perfect” online community experience with any platform, and wishing for that will only waste your time. Instead, you could be filling that time with providing a truly beneficial service to your customers, whether internal or external, as well as keeping yourself in a job.


That’s better!

So, not sure if you should Yam yet? Give it a try!


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