Newsflash: People of ANY Age Can Adopt Technology

Can we put this to rest once and for all?

There is no Millennial-advantage or Boomer-disadvantage. There’s not even a vice versa. There’s just you, yourself, and the piece of tech in front of you. We’re up against our own brains, environments, and willingness to learn.

Though maybe there’s less anxiety about it as you age:

“Responses from 4,073 information workers in the US, Europe, and Australia found that older workers adopted technology as quickly as their younger peers—and felt less anxiety about it.” – Survey: Older Workers Are Actually More Comfortable With Technology

You may not have been one of those 4,073 information workers surveyed, but hopefully you don’t feel too stressed about using technology at work (or anywhere) no matter what your age is.

Generations that witnessed the advent of personal computers, VCRs, and microwaves are just as well able to handle apps, enterprise social networks, and Instagram. Large or small, it’s still all stuff that performs things that generates more stuff (and things).

And while older workers may have no problem with fax machines or cumbersome customer management databases, as this survey extrapolates, it’s also worth pointing out that it’s not like anyone is born with all this knowledge implanted in our heads. I mean, if you were, let me know, but otherwise, we all had to be taught or had to teach ourselves at some point, even if it may have seemed seamless.

That means that *gasp* Millennials too can learn how to fax! The ancient secrets are revealed to all!

I have yet to meet anyone who actively, actually enjoys fax machines or cumbersome databases anyway. They’re still around, we use them when we have to, we complain about them, we relax on Facebook. Lather, rinse, repeat.






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