When The Intent Doesn’t Match The Story

Random rant because…

The new Leaf brand of “sleep, activity and reproductive health monitors” keeps popping up in my Facebook Newsfeed.

And it sound so philanthropic! –the caring part, not the giving away of money part.

Unfortunately, the “story”–

“Women are constantly under pressure about their appearance. They are expected to look and act a certain way, to be thinner, to look younger and sexier, to follow trends and look up to idealized forms of femininity. We believe that women need to focus on their own strengths, their own capabilities, and their own beauty.”

–While cleverly worded, does not compute with the fact that all the models on their site are of a specific type and age with all the Photoshop money can buy.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

So to me, what this company is actually saying is similar to the age-old, “Finally, a swimsuit for every body type!” article that really only advises you to squeeze and pad and disguise yourself into One Conventionally Acceptable Form.

Because if we’re not told what to find attractive, how’re we ever going to know? We’re still a world that thinks Instagram is actually instant!

But I digress. See for yourself.


Picture found at github.

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