Do you know a person like this?

From a letter to entitled “Coworker keeps making gross bathroom joke”:

“He’s an encyclopedia of groan-worthy dad jokes, and he believes that if a joke was funny once, it’ll stay funny forever, and he’ll repeat it whenever an opportunity even remotely presents itself. This extends to jokes that weren’t ever funny.”

Issue: Dude keeps saying “Everything come out all right?” loudly every single time. the letter-writer comes back from the can, and only when that person comes back from the can.

I have not encountered Gross Bathroom Joke person, how I don’t know, but I have encountered the Takes Any Opportunity To Insert Somebody Else’s Witty Line person, whether it’s quotes from the movie Airplane or “My grandfather always said . . . . ” or the afore-mentioned groaners.

This was also repetitive, and also implemented to the point where you’d have to wait for him to finish each interjection before getting on with the actual conversation.

I limit my contact with that person.

If you, too, need advice for someone like this, or want to indulge in a little schadenfreude while getting great advice for navigating the tricky shoals of coworkers, here’s the whole of it.

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