Finally, Somebody Else Who Understands About Tiger Haynes

I had an occasion to look up the lyrics to “You Mustn’t Be Discouraged” as sung by Tiger Haynes and Carol Burnett because no matter how many times I hear that song, I find I always paraphrase a bit instead of quoting it directly.

Paraphrase no more! This post by Jaime J. Weinman has ’em all, plus mentions Tiger Haynes, who had a key role in that particular song and overall musical. Sometimes I think Carol herself has forgotten.

“When you’re sleeping on a park bench
Eating grass ’cause you’ve no dough,
Your luck will change manana
You may be six feet under, helping it grow.
So just remember when you’re lower than low,
There’s always one step further down you can go.”

Isn’t that a helpful sentiment? I just love Tiger Haynes, thanks to my dad. Looks like Jaime’s dad also liked him.

Oh, you want the song itself? Here!


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