LinkedIn Glamour Posts: Blatant Marketing, or Sincere Sentiments?

I don’t know this person. She showed up on my LinkedIn News Feed, so what I’m about to share is public with no need to protect names.

My other disclaimer is: I can’t stop seeing these posts as blatant marketing in disguise.


It’s a formula I see more and more on LinkedIn:

1. Write a heartfelt sentiment that includes these elements: Where you started out, where you are now, your gratitude, your thankfulness.
2. Include a picture where you just happen to be completely glamorized or “just being natural!” at work while amazingly well-lit and at a great angle. (Hey, no shame in this; that’s what the digital age is for, taking control of our images.)
3. Press post.
4. Sit back and bask in the 10s of thousands of likes and “Congratulations!” or “blessings to you” comments from complete strangers.
5. While you’re sitting there, don’t forget to analyze all the clicks on your profile, where your company pitch just so happens to be.

Did I just convince you to try it yourself? Go ahead, then.┬áMaybe this is the best way to get someone to find out about your company, or your viability as a future hire. I don’t know.

I do know that I see less clicks on posts without the glammed-up front:


Yet which one seems more sincere to you?

The formula + picture seems like a major scam on people’s time and sentiments. And that’s not what I use LinkedIn for.

Even the thankfulness in general is an interesting blend of personal and professional–but the best companies do think of their employees as people, not numbers.

Fortunately, it’s dead easy to scroll on by no matter what’s being presented.

I just can’t help but wonder: Are people taken in by this?

And what’s next?

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