“Get your loved ones off Facebook.” Really?

This article allows no comments, so I’m commenting here. I like the prospect of having an actual discussion.

A friend posted Salim’s article about why we all need to remove ourselves from Facebook by January 30. It has to do with even more privacy infringements coming on the heels of “all the spying Facebook does.” You can read all about it here.

The thing is, are we really surprised?


This is a shrugging cuttlefish, maybe.

Facebook is a business. We may not pay money to create an account or otherwise use its platform recreationally, but we are still paying all along: In information, which is arguably more priceless, but still comes at a cost. A cost that is levied on us.

Businesses are not smiling bankers and angels getting their wings. Just like HR departments, businesses–corporations, franchises, whatever you want to call the place that houses the people that get the goods–are not, generally, here to protect and nurture you at the expense of them.

It’s nothing new. This one just happens to be online.

And it’s on us to decide whether we keep giving up or trading whatever currency it demands in return for whatever goodies we get, or try to change things. Deny those features that can turn your phone’s microphone on. Fight back against its algorithmic filter that decides what it wants you to see. Refuse to use its handy “contact sync” that mines your entire contact list down to your grandma who thinks it’s “The Facebook” and that’s all there is to the internet.

For now, I’m staying with Facebook. I’m also staying aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. (Maybe I figure that by this point, my information is well-embedded in marketing lists!) So we’ll see what happens.

If you’re on Facebook, are you staying or going?


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