All This Twitter Account Does Is Tweet Art, And That’s Pretty Neat

There’s a name and even a face.

There are over 13,000 followers.

And all this Twitter account seems to do is tweet and retweet art pictures from other Twitter accounts.

Here’s one:


by Patrick William Adam, R.S.A, from Edinburgh, Scotland (1852-1929)


It’s particularly nice because some of these artists can’t very well tweet it themselves.

But you know what’s grand about this? Erin Harris, who first brought this account to my attention, put it thusly: “It’s like making my Twitter profile into Pinterest without having to go to Pinterest. I can look at my feed when I need to see some beauty.”

It’s true for the rest of us, too. If you follow this account, you will see beauty in your newsfeed–and new discoveries.


Childe Hassam, Apple Trees in Bloom, Old Lyme, 1904


3 thoughts on “All This Twitter Account Does Is Tweet Art, And That’s Pretty Neat

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