Do we really have to talk about everything all of the time?

Serious question: What goes through people’s minds when, upon seeing a single topic posted or discussed, their comment is along the lines of, “This happens for X too!” or, “You didn’t also talk about Y and Z so therefore what you’re discussing right now is invalid.”

Do we really have to talk about everything all of the time?

In that case, for the record, I don’t kick puppies. I don’t think I’ve ever actually stated that I don’t, so it might come up when I talk about apples, and since the default is to assume the worst because that’s easier than thinking. . . .


I asked my friends via Facebook if this only seems to happen more during online conversations.

One responded, “It does seem that people with only tangential information are more willing to volunteer it online than in person. The lack of opportunity for withering looks seems to embolden.”

There might be something to that!

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