10 Albums That Influenced My Teenage Years

(Minus one here because I couldn’t find a good pic of one of the albums!)


The Moment I Post This, I’ll Want To Redo It

The meme says “10,” and I don’t want to be That Person and dial it up to 11, or do a second set of 11-20.

Which made this ridiculously hard.

And also makes me want to change my mind on the above.

Until I change my mind, here is my list.

Obligatory note: Some of these albums came around earlier but kept on influencing. Also, there should be a megaton of rhythm’n’blues here, but my dad has more 45s than LPs and I’d never finish this list. (Consider them here anyway).

10 Albums That Influenced The Hell Out Of My Teenage Years

  1. Blondie – Eat To the Beat (video album)
  2. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Too-Rye-Ay (because I heard “Jackie Wilson Said” on The Young Ones)
  3. 50 Greatest Moments In Opera (3-disc set)
  4. The Cure – Mixed Up
  5. Phantom of the Opera – Original London Cast – Listen to me singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.”
  6. Bowie – Changesbowie
  7. Johnny Clegg – Best of Johnny Clegg & Savuka – can’t find the full album yet on YouTube, but do listen to the beauty of “Asimbonanga,” and the song that first got me in, “Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World.”
  8. Enya – Shepherd Moons. And you won’t want to miss her Maxfield Parrish-inspired video for “Caribbean Blue.”
  9. Metallica – Kill ‘Em All
  10. Tommy James & the Shondells – Anthology. Not finding the whole album yet either, but try this one that you don’t hear often: “One Two Three And I Fell.”

What’s your 10?

2 thoughts on “10 Albums That Influenced My Teenage Years

  1. Nicely diverse selection Becky. My memory is a bit shaky so can’t reliably post mine. Phantom of the Opera was huge in my life for a time. Being a baritone I can do the Raoul parts better than the Phantoms, alas. Your version of Christine’s lament for her Father was really good! A tough and haunting song indeed. Back to the post topic, or alongside it I am getting fond again of music from my 20s. Pearl Jam’s 10 is right up there.


    • Thanks so much–and for listening! It was a privilege to add that song to my repertoire back in the day.

      And baritones are pretty cool.

      I have actually spent the last five years catching up on pockets of sound that I bypassed–Eddie Vedder being one of them.

      On the opposite side of things, have you found that there are songs you used to absolutely love, that you no longer want to play at all?


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