Dr. Guinea Pig George

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Dr. Guinea Pig George

copyright 2016 Becky Benishek

Once there was a guinea pig named George, who lived in a house with a person named George and all of the people in Person George’s family.


The Person George was a doctor who made house calls.

Whenever the phone would ring, and someone in the house would answer it, they would say, “George, a patient’s calling!”

And Guinea Pig George would think they meant him.


So while Dr. George was talking to the patient, the Guinea Pig George would tidy up his cage so nobody would have any complaints about a mess.

Then while Dr. George was searching for his hat, his boots, and his coat, the Guinea Pig George would trundle out of his cage and down the wooden steps the family had made for him to get to the floor.

Dr. George was very absent-minded, you see, and he always misplaced things, including his doctor’s bag. His family made sure it got back to the same place, under the coat-tree.

The Guinea Pig George also knew where the bag was. It was usually lying open on its side on the floor, because Dr. George always forgot to close it. So the Guinea Pig George would quietly tip-toe into the bag.


Dr. George would eventually find everything he needed, pick up his bag, and scurry out the door to start his rounds.

So at each house, the Guinea Pig George heard everything that was going on.

He learned that all the doctor had to do was shout, “Hello!” and the door would open. He learned about ointments, pills and bandages. He learned that broken bones take a while to mend and that cough syrup still tasted like cough syrup even when it was cherry-flavored.



Later, back at home, Dr. George would put his bag down and drop his coat and hat on the floor under the coat-tree, and go off to dinner. The Guinea Pig George would trundle out of the bag and climb the wooden steps to his own dinner. All in all, it was always a very satisfactory day.

And then one day, the Guinea Pig George fell out of the bag!

Dr. George was walking up the driveway to a patient’s house when his keys fell out of a hole in his coat pocket. When he bent down to pick them up, his bag tipped over just a little.


Out tumbled bandages, pills, ointments—and the Guinea Pig George!

“Squ-wheeek!” exclaimed George, as he landed unhurt on the grass. Dr. George didn’t hear him. He didn’t even notice he’d dropped anything at all. He just picked up his keys and went on towards the house.

The Guinea Pig George didn’t know quite what to do. Being able to scoot around the floor of his house and go on trips in a bag was different from being out here in the great big world all by himself. He considered hiding in the grass until he was found.

But guinea pigs are very curious little creatures. So George decided to do something.

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