How Illustrators Can Make an Amazon Author Page

I have been trying to get my illustrator, Kelly Cline, to make an Amazon Author Page, because people are noticing her wonderful skills, and I think she should get recognition!

I just sent her this article on how to do it, because it’s not at all intuitive, so I’m linking it here in case it’ll help you, too: How To Make Amazon Work For You, #3: Author Pages for Illustrators.

I just made this montage for my own Facebook page with Kelly’s illustrations; I wanted to show the full color of Dr. Guinea Pig George while demonstrating the color-me-in feature of What’s at the End of Your Nose?.

She’s so extremely versatile and I love how she captures both expression and whimsy with an economy of line.


All copyright 2016 Becky Benishek

And yes, I am still having a blast with my dream come true!

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