Readers’ Favorite Review For “What’s at the End of Your Nose?”


Copyright 2016 Becky Benishek for “What’s at the End of Your Nose?

Yay, an editorial review! Copied verbatim because that’s how I roll:

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

What’s at the End of Your Nose? is a children’s book from A Slipperyville Tale series, written by Becky Benishek and illustrated by Kelly Cline. Bored out of his mind, Sidney Snail is ready to skip town and find some adventure outside of Slipperyville. As he is about to leave, Old Samuel Snail suggests to Sidney that he first explore what is at the end of his nose. This gives Sidney pause for thought, and he postpones his faraway explorations, opting to explore his local area first. While floating on a leaf in a nearby creek, Sidney’s eyes are opened to amazing, fun-filled things to see and do, which he had never noticed before, making exciting new friends at the same time.

“Becky Benishek’s astonishing tale of a bored snail, who fails to see the beauty and excitement in the world around him until he truly opens his eyes, is one filled with smiles and excitement from beginning to end. Written from the point of view of a snail, the story encourages readers to go out and explore up close what is right there, at the ends of their noses, instead of complaining and becoming so easily bored. Doing so not only shines a spotlight on the beauty of your natural surroundings, once you open your eyes and truly see it, but also enables you to make new friends without trying too hard.

“I found the story to be filled with fun and excitement, having opened my own eyes to my surroundings in the past, due to boredom, and finding hidden gems in my own surrounds. I recommend What’s at the End of Your Nose? not only to children, but to people of all ages who feel they have been bitten by the travel bug, when it is simply sheer boredom at what they fail to see in their own back yard that has willed them to be elsewhere.”

I picked Readers’ Favorite for two reasons:

  1. I wanted an Editorial Review to put on Amazon, and I’m a self-published author so those are harder to come by.
  2. Why not? It’s there, it’s free, and it hurts me not to take a chance.

I sent in my request on Feb 5.

On Feb 13, I was so excited when I received a text that my book had been chosen, and my review was posted!

Want your book to be reviewed by Readers’ Favorite?

Start here. I opted for the free review because I have no money, but there are potential drawbacks to that, so read carefully. An express review comes with more guarantees.

Here are all the places this review has been posted. It’s also on Barnes & Noble’s site and Goodreads.

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