If You’re a Self-Publisher, You Need Indieworld

In fact, you need Indieworld if you’re in any stage of writing, even the infancy stages, and you plan to self-publish.

Currently, there’s a call for all self-publishers to list up to two of their books on this Goodreads thread here (follow the directions!), for inclusion in the wonderful Navigating Indieworld site in their first Indie Books Event of the year!

Your books will appear in their respective genres. I am over the moon thrilled that I am at least temporarily next to an author who is as kind and generous as she is prolific, Carole P Roman.

As more children’s book authors come in, this may change, but I’ll take it for now! 🙂

Each author also gets an author page on Navigating Indieworld. Here’s mine:


All of this could be you! Go to the Goodreads thread now.

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