Cover Redo & Book Relaunch Coming!

With spring coming, calendar-i-arly speaking, the snails will be marching on out.

So I’m redoing the cover of “What’s at the End of Your Nose?” for a mini re-launch.

Now CreateSpace just has to sniff it out, and then I order a proof copy to do the same. Once I approve, my understanding is the book will be unavailable for sale until they replace the cover. I can live with that—just!


Copyright 2016 Becky Benishek for “What’s at the End of Your Nose?”

I’ll do a cover reveal once it’s all set. Here’s a hint: I’m keeping it a matte cover so kids (and adults) can still color it.

Have you gotten “What’s at the End of Your Nose?” or  “Dr. Guinea Pig George” yet? Help an author out and review on Amazon. It means the world to me.



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