Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea, What Have You Done To Me?

There I was at work, riffling through the tea shelf in the employee kitchen. I love tea, and recently switched to decaffeinated because I’m just not sure about caffeine all the time. So for me, that means decaf green tea (with lemon) and herbal/floral/etc. teas galore.

I picked up a Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea bag. Never tried it before.

My reaction:


This orange is from Sesame Street

This experience was similar to but not exactly like when you split the shy but friendly Vitamin C atom and it embeds itself in every pore. I’m either going to die of the citrus-plosion or come out of this bursting with health.

So far I’m alive. Hey Tazo, you’ve got a great thing going here! Seriously, I may actually have to buy a box for at home.

As with anything, you can get it on Amazon (that’s an affiliate link there), or you can just relax and watch this orange sing “Carmen.”

What’s your favorite tea?

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