Podcast: Talking Yammer With 2 Guys And SharePoint!

I love doing podcasts and interviews—for anything, really. Since we’re talking Yammer today, I had my first taste of it with Paul Woods’s Yaminade right after I became a Microsoft MVP, and then with a great interview with Simon Terry.


And then came Alistair Pugin, who among other fascinating things helps companies design their SharePoint environment to foster innovation and growth, runs the 2 Guys and Share Point podcast with Odd Modlin. I was thrilled that he wanted to interview me along with Melanie Hohertz, someone whom I hold as my own personal Yammer MVP.

There is a missing person! Yammer MVP Amy Dolzine would have made us an unholy Yammer triumvirate, but was unable to make this podcast; we definitely want to catch her the next time.

So in this podcast, you will also meet (or meet again) Melanie Hohertz, find out what Alistair thinks of my “recreational IT” nomenclature (I still stand by it), and what the heck to do when you want to get Yammer working in your company culture and beyond.

I sincerely appreciate how Alistair went above and beyond Yammer with us, because one of the many things Yammer does well is help people, and we’re all so much more than our job titles.

Here we are!

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