How My Yammer External Network Works Out Loud—And Saves Lives

“It’s things like this that help illustrate how what we train works, how it sinks in past the eyeballs, how it truly helps even to the point of saving lives.” Find out more about the concept of Working Out Loud and how Yammer helps that admirably!


“Dear all,” the Yammer post began. “Something happened last night where all my years of training helped me keep this situation in my community from escalating, and minimized risk and injury until the paramedics and police arrived.”

I had to paraphrase exceedingly just now due to confidentiality reasons, but I can say that this post in our Yammer External Network for customers had to do with a teenage girl, a restaurant, alcohol and drugs, and a butcher’s knife. The customer’s daughter and two of her friends were also present.

Thanks to this customer’s training, everyone stayed safe: The girl with the knife, staff and customers, friends and family, and her own self, as she kept the situation calm and under control until the authorities arrived. What could have been a tragic tale became a success story.

It’s also not exactly unusual for our customers.

Our customers take our training to…

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