Name Change!

. . .to my own name, actually. 🙂


I’ve been “The House of Beck” for a long time. It’s still a name that’s a part of me! But in my quest to become not only an author, but a sought-after author, I knew I had to make changes.

Last year, I made the decision to stop using my blog for the dual purpose of my day job (which I do love) as well as fulfilling my ever-since-I-can-remember dream. I didn’t want to confuse or put off visitors who had come here for my books, author interviews, or writing resources.

I’ll still be writing about day job things! All of my online community manager insight as well as speaker and interview appearances will still be gathered up and accessed through my portfolio, but I’ll be using platforms such as LinkedIn.

I’d also recently changed my @bbenishek Twitter handle to the full @beckybenishek. Part of this was because I had also set up a beckybenishek Instagram account and I wanted the names to match, but also because I wanted people to find me easily there as well.

I still use Twitter for dual purposes, mind you, both because I have an audience and because I know there are only so many accounts I can handle and still do all the things that make it possible for me to have something to say on these accounts. And if you’re exhausted after reading that sentence, that’s how I felt thinking about it!

I just threw the switch to change from “” to “” moments before I started typing this blog entry; so far, so good. I’m grateful that WordPress is making it easy.

I’m not sure yet of the extent of other customizing I’ll be doing, but I know one thing for sure: This feels great.

And you have a great day yourself!

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