STORYSTORM 2018 Day 29: Jane Yolen Cultivates the Wild Idea

Drop everything and read this post by Jane Yolen. I feel more inspired and creatively-powerful than I did just a few moments before reading it.

“Ideas are thick on the ground. They are everywhere.”
“It’s not the idea by itself, but what you do with it that matters.”
“Take time. Time out or time in. Time for yourself, and time to just quietly keep your eyes sharp.”

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

by Jane Yolen

I could go on a metaphoric streak about ideas, talking about stalking the shy idea, cultivating the wild idea, setting traps… etc. …

But honestly, ideas are thick on the ground. They are everywhere. If you’re a writer, just take a walk outside and ideas will come to you at once.

Take my hand. Here we are crossing from my house, over a set of stone steps, walking down to my daughter’s house. It is evening. There are sun-activated lights.

I think: fairy lights. What if a child going over a stone walkway to her grandmother’s house, fantasizes a story about fairies guiding her to their queen. Or perhaps fireflies are out. The child in the picture suddenly begins to see that lights are not just random, but patterned. She grows into a famous scientist studying fireflies. Or perhaps the child is lost and the lights call…

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