My Next Book Accepted by MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing

Happy news!

Back in June 2017, I received my first publishing contract for a children’s book¬†from MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing. That one was for The Squeezor is Coming!, a ghoulishly fun and endearing monster book due out this year.

I was thrilled when Tannya accepted another children’s book, Hush, Mouse!, about a tiny kitten named Mouse with a great big (and annoying) meow. This book¬†also looks very likely to be out this year, too!


It was in February of this year that I thought I’d see if my publisher would want it. I’m so glad they did.

Illustrations for both books are close to being finished. Subscribers to my monthly newsletter have already seen enticing scenes.

I’m planning a couple more reveals soon, so be sure to subscribe, and do keep an eye here and on my Instagram and Facebook pages, because you never know. . .I might be enticed to show more goodies!

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