New Children’s Books: Sneak Peek!

With my news that MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing has also picked up Hush, Mouse!, I wanted to show you a glimpse of both Hush, Mouse! and The Squeezor is Coming! 

Here’s some insight into why people might want to say “Hush, Mouse!” all the time. . .

Hush Mouse blog post

Illustration for Hush, Mouse! coming soon in 2018


Oooh, look out! Something furry and toothy and claw-y is headed your way. . .

UPDATE! The Squeezor will arrive in August 2018! Get an excerpt here.

Squeezor blog post

Illustration for The Squeezor is Coming! Out in August 2018



4 thoughts on “New Children’s Books: Sneak Peek!

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