New Children’s Books: Sneak Peek!

With my news that MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing has also picked up Hush, Mouse!, I wanted to show you a glimpse of both Hush, Mouse! and The Squeezor is Coming! 

Here’s some insight into why people might want to say “Hush, Mouse!” all the time. . .

Hush Mouse blog post

Illustration for Hush, Mouse! coming soon in 2018

Find out more about Hush, Mouse! on my Books page.

Oooh, look out! Something furry and toothy and claw-y is headed your way. . .

Squeezor blog post

Illustration for The Squeezor is Coming! also coming soon in 2018

UPDATE! The Squeezor will arrive in August 2018!

Find out more about The Squeezor is Coming! on my Books page.


3 thoughts on “New Children’s Books: Sneak Peek!

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