Thoughts On a Typewriter (Literally)

I recently acquired this 1920s charmer.


As found in the For Sale section of Yammer, the company collaboration platform I run

There’s a cool-sounding bookstore in Michigan: Literati Bookstore. They also have a typewriter. This typewriter proves the art of typing isn’t lost at all.

In fact, it gets some serious love.

When we were younger, we would color our skies purple
Our trees blue, and it always looked perfect to us

That’s a typewritten note left by a customer, just one of many that range “from cats to commencement,” says co-owner Michael Gustafson.

Out of his filing cabinet stuffed with thousands of such notes, Michael has compiled his favorites into what looks like a very interesting book, Notes from a Public Typewriter, out now on Amazon.

Perhaps we all can empathize with this one:

Monday, August 24, 2014

With every day
School draws nearer.
I don’t know whether to be excited
Or nervous
Or totally freaking out
Or sort of okay
Or kinda paranoid.
I guess middle school will be okay,
sort of

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