Spring Gallery Night Has Been Cancelled!

“Since the weather seems to not be easing up at all for us, we will unfortunately have to cancel Gallery Night tonight. We have had several vendor cancellations, and at this point we do not want anyone to damage their art and products due to the wind and rain.”

If you could have seen my face! I am actually quite relieved.

I’d have gone anyway because it’s a rain or shine event, and what better way to learn how to become a rockstar vendor than to do it in inclement times? That was my stalwart philosophy.

But believe me, I was planning on layers, a winter hat, mittens. . .all the things I was within moments of stuffing up in the attic because it’s MAY, not December, yet here it is, 40 degrees, gusts up to 25 mph, and rain. (I was also wondering if I could bring a space heater.)

Thank you all for your support. They will reschedule, so it’ll happen at some point in the upcoming months, and I’ve got everything ready for when it does!

4 thoughts on “Spring Gallery Night Has Been Cancelled!

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