Guinea Pig Tarot

Once upon a time, I thought, “Why not?”

As is usual with such thoughts, strange things can abide. Perhaps it’s fortunate that there are only three cards; the world may not be ready for more. It may not be ready for these!

But as they exist still today and are faithful representations of guinea pigs I have known and cherished, here they are, in order of when I drew them!

IV. The Emperor: Rowan

Discerning, kind, just, and philosophical, Rowan had more worldly concerns on his mind than his luxurious Silkie hair.


III. The Empress: Athena

If you knew our Athena, it would not surprise you that she’d take this role. Fierce in both affection and (minor) destruction, Athena always knew what she wanted. Who among us can say this with such certainty?


II. The High Priestess: Angela

Angela was an albino with just the slightest bit of tan on her nose, and you can see the results of drawing a white guinea pig on a white background. But! Her pleasant, slightly wistful nature is evident in her kind eye and expectant nose, and she loved nothing more than to talk to you about you.


That’s as far as I ever got. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again one day; I’ve had more guinea pigs in the house since then! 🙂

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