Advance review by Ashish Kejriwal for “The Squeezor is Coming!”

“This is not just another story book. It has a strong scholastic element to it.” – Ashish Kejriwal

I am both happy and humbled to share this amazing review of The Squeezor is Coming! by Ashish Kejriwal. Below are his thoughts as he read it. Enjoy! (I did.)


The Squeezor is Coming Book Review

by Ashish Kejriwal

Cover Page

Oh here comes another book about cute monsters! What attracted me towards it immediately were the two names: ‘Squeezor’ and ‘Ghastly Gigapolis’.

After all, what is better than having just one cute monster? A town full of them, of course!

The names stood out and had a great cuteness appeal. A promising fun journey from the title page itself!

Rich Articulation

You can tell a masterpiece by the first note that is played. Just like that, the very introduction of Squeezor blew my expectations, beyond and away.

Never have I seen such well articulated richness in writing after Aldous Huxley. Very few people can add so much color through expressive selection of words. One sentence each, compels the reader to take a moment to imagine.


Very clean, clear and colorful. It sets the tone for the already well crafted story. Excellent choice of lines, curves and highlighted expressions.

I could dive into the untold idiosyncrasies of Squeezor and other characters.

Hidden Treasures

Figure of Speech: Just look at the treats spread out on the Apothecary’s shelves!! Each item makes you FEEL it. Transportation into a sensory world known only to children. [Author’s note: Scroll to the bottom of this review for a link that will show you these treats!]

Social Aptitude: This story will turn the readers into givers and social enthusiasts. A brilliant one on how society works.

Character Names: Brilliant branding of each character in Ghastly Gigapolis. I would expect sequels already and a dive into their world in future.

Values: Wish I could list down all of them. Here are a few:

  1. Need to belong
  2. Need to add value to others
  3. Need to understand others
  4. Need to love oneself and include others


This is not just another story book. It has a strong scholastic element to it.

I’d recommend it highly for use in kindergarten, junior and middle school. A brilliant piece for all ages who enjoy playfulness in language.

Beautiful story, richly authored by Becky Benishek.

Thank you so much, Ashish!

You can find Ashish on Twitter and on Facebook with his magazine, Beyond the Written.

Check out the inside of the Apothecary shop [YouTube]!

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