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Want to support a (very) small business (mine) and ensure that some of your hard-earned money goes to a quality product made with homegrown love and passion?

That’s how I feel about my children’s books. It’s taken me years to get to this point, and I’m so grateful for the help and support I’ve received all along the way.

Whether the child or children in your life are going through something big, or just love to look at monsters and critters drawn with detail and care, please consider shopping small with me for the holidays and any day!

Hush, Mouse!

Nobody seems to pay attention to a tiny kitten named Mouse except to tell her to “Hush!” whenever she meows. The only person in the family who understands Mouse is Little Liz. She’s short for her age and nobody seems to hear what she has to say, either. Then one day, the two of them prevent a crime!

This story will help show kids that they’re worth being listened to, and that any size can save the day!

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Shop Small Hush Mouse

The Squeezor is Coming!

The Squeezor is a big-hearted monster who just wants to give hugs. But he looks so scary, even other monsters run away from him! Nobody wants to be his friend. The Squeezor is sad, but he comes up with a plan to show the others how he just wants to help.

This story is for everyone who ever felt misunderstood or just too different to be accepted, and help teach kids the power of empathy and acceptance.

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Regular Font | Dyslexic-Friendly Font

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What’s At the End of Your Nose?

Let Sidney Snail make “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!” disappear. Watch your kids take a closer look at the amazing world right in front of their noses as Sidney leads them through his very unexpected day.  They can also color it in!

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Dr. Guinea Pig George

This fluffy brown guinea pig proves that he’s more than just a household pet when he joins Person George on his house calls. And if Guinea Pig George can think he’s a doctor, any child should believe in his or her dreams!

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I’m thankful for my publisher, and for Amazon with its CreateSpace (RIP!) and Kindle programs that help independent authors like me realize our dreams.

You can find other small businesses right in my rolling list of indie authors with a variety of books. They’re sure to please any palate, and don’t forget to gift yourself. too!

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