Author Spotlight in Story Monsters

What do you like best about writing?

The way inspiration really does come like a thunderbolt, transfixing, illuminating. How you know you’d better drop everything and get that pen, tablet, or keyboard in hand or risk losing it all. Even at 3 a.m. Even when you’re brushing your teeth. How you feel yourself being a conduit for something that feels so wonderful and could, just possibly, be wonderful for someone else, too. And how, with the finished piece in front of your eyeballs, you don’t feel hollow or bereft because it’s out of you. Instead, you feel complete. – from my interview

I’m thrilled to have my author spotlight over at Story Monsters LLC!

Story Monsters is, in their own words, “The Literary Resource for Teachers and Librarians. The Marketing Solution for Authors and Publishers.” And I believe it.

Story Monsters Ink® is their magazine, whereas their Book Briefs provide author spotlights like mine!

Insta Story Monsters Jan 2019.png

Learn about the jobs I’ve had (and still have), quirky writing habits (I apologize in advance), my next projects, what I like best about writing, and more.


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