Lucinda Builds a Harp (Spring Fling 2021 Kidlit)

Lucinda Builds a Harp

by Becky Benishek

Lucinda wanted to play the harp. But she was a tiny toad and the harp was for people.

She tried with all her fingers.

She tried with all her toes.

She even tried with her tongue!

It was no use.

“I’m just not the right size,” Lucinda said sadly.

“All you need is a toad-sized harp,” said wise old Timothy Toad.

“Maybe I can build one!” said Lucinda.

Lucinda measured and hammered, sanded and sawed.

The other toads were curious.

“Why do you want to play the harp?” they asked. “Aren’t the sounds we make good enough?”

“Of course they are!” said Lucinda. “But it’s fun to discover other sounds, too.”

The other toads thought about it. They began building their own instruments. And Timothy found a music teacher who taught everyone how to play. 

Soon Lucinda had her toad-sized harp — and an entire toad orchestra to play with her! 

Illustration source: Me + a Canva background.

This is an entry for the Spring Fling 2021 Kidlit Contest.

14 thoughts on “Lucinda Builds a Harp (Spring Fling 2021 Kidlit)

    • Hello, and thank you! And: Initially I replied that I couldn’t get it to work for me now either. Well, I managed to get back into the software and render up a similar version, and this one seems to be “sticking.” Though it only might run at first load or refresh of the page. Arrgh.


  1. Hi Becky! Awww! I love that Lucinda was accepting and inspiring. I would love to have this toady friend! And I also love your illustrator for your book! Alicia illustrated my first book! She is fabulous!!!!


  2. Lucinda is my kind of MC–she’s a maker, and she’s into music. My favorite line: “Lucinda measured and hammered, sanded and sawed.” I love the image of a toad-sized orchestra. Charming!


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