Diverse Duo Saves the Day in “Hush, Mouse!” Picture Book

Who’s Mouse? A tiny kitten with a great big meow!

Mouse’s people are a little tired of all the meowing. They don’t pay much attention to her at all. Only Little Liz, the youngest child in the house, understands Mouse. Nobody pays much attention to her, either, so Little Liz and Mouse spend a lot of time together.

Then one day, Mouse hears a strange sound in the house. She and Little Liz investigate—and stop a crime!

For anyone who’s ever felt too small, too misunderstood, or too ignored, Hush, Mouse! is sure to sweeten their day and help them believe they are just right.

Get it now in hardcover and softcover, and also in dyslexic font.

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing:

Regular font | Dyslexic font


Regular font | Dyslexic font

One Week to New WORLDS!

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 has one week to launch!

The eBook will go live on June 25, paperbacks around the same time or very possibly a few days before, and hardcover a few days after.

eBook pre-order price is $2.99 and will go up to $4.99 at launch. Explore new creatures, evil planets, alien snackcidents, and more, along with my story, “Single Colonists Wanted.”

Get it now! (Amazon)

Read my story in Angels: A Divine Microfiction Anthology

“Beatific angels, holy wars, kitty saviours, epic battles between good and evil, devils and demons, fallen angels and many more tantalising tiny tales.”


New! My latest microfiction piece, “Angel vs Society,” got accepted by Black Hare Press.

ANGELS: A Divine Microfiction Anthology (Dark Drabbles #2) from Black Hare Press will be out on July 23.

You can see all the details and authors in the above link, or head straight to Amazon to pre-order.

When you get it, I’d love to know what you think of my story!