A Perfect Pig Comes to Play: Review

I was ecstatic when I opened my mail box and found Anton inside!

Who is Anton? Why, he’s the star of A Perfect Pig, by author/illustrator Katrin Dreiling!

I’ve been a fan of Anton since I found Katrin on Instagram, where she posts her delightful artwork. She invokes such depth and expression in her characters, from animals to people alike. I was thrilled when she said Anton was going to appear in his very own book.

Except, Katrin lives in Australia and I’m in the States! I was so very touched when she sent me a copy of her book. She didn’t ask for anything in return, but I really wanted express my gratitude. So here is my review. (Any lighting or perceived warping of images is entirely due to my own camera–I didn’t scan, I just took snaps!)

Review of A Perfect Pig:

Author: Katrin Dreiling

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: July 1, 2021

Pages: 32

Themes: Perfection, adaptability, friendship, perseverance, surprises

Personal rating: 5 stars!

The very first thing you should know about Anton, besides how absolutely charming and adorable he is, is that he really is a pig of perfect purpose. He likes things to be just so, from combing his side-part to arranging his “breakfast at a right angle on his plate”!

And he does not like surprises one bit.

I can empathize with you, Anton; toast popping up always startles me, too. (I love the Pig Gazette!)

Despite Anton’s proclivity toward order and perfection, his best friend, Lola, loves surprises. And Anton has a big heart, so he plans to throw her a surprise party. . .his way, of course. He carefully writes out a list in his beautiful, perfect handwriting.

And then he sets off to get all the supplies.

I’d like to take a moment to express how darling Anton is on his bicycle (part of a larger bicycling scene, here):

Oh, dear! Perils along his path were not part of Anton’s perfect plan. But he keeps going. When he discovers that the line is quite long at the bakery…

. . .it heralds a delightful montage of action and reaction as first one pitfall and then another assail poor Anton, who sees his perfect party plans falling apart before his eyes!

Yet what Anton doesn’t know is that he is demonstrating perfect perseverance: He never gives up despite the seeming ruin of his plans, and his inability to keep everything just so. He is thinking of his best friend Lola, whom he doesn’t want to disappoint.

I won’t spoil the surprise either, but I can assure you that you and the children you know will love the hilarious yet sweet ending–and so will Anton.

A thoroughly delightful read with wonderful detail and enchanting background imagery!

What does A Perfect Pig teach kids?

Anton shows that it’s perfectly all right to let things be imperfect. It’s okay to be a planner and want things to work out! You just have to remember what is truly in your control and what isn’t, and learn to adapt yourself and your responses to the situation that is versus the situation that you want.

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Note: As I write this post, Australia has returned to COVID-19 lockdown. This may affect availability.

New Inclusive Font Editions!

I am happy to announce that Hush, Mouse! and The Squeezor is Coming! have both been reprinted in a font that is dyslexic inclusive.

Their wonderful covers have kept the same beloved artwork. Bring one or both home with you!

Lucinda Builds a Harp (Spring Fling 2021 Kidlit)

Lucinda Builds a Harp

by Becky Benishek

Lucinda wanted to play the harp. But she was a tiny toad and the harp was for people.

She tried with all her fingers.

She tried with all her toes.

She even tried with her tongue!

It was no use.

“I’m just not the right size,” Lucinda said sadly.

“All you need is a toad-sized harp,” said wise old Timothy Toad.

“Maybe I can build one!” said Lucinda.

Lucinda measured and hammered, sanded and sawed.

The other toads were curious.

“Why do you want to play the harp?” they asked. “Aren’t the sounds we make good enough?”

“Of course they are!” said Lucinda. “But it’s fun to discover other sounds, too.”

The other toads thought about it. They began building their own instruments. And Timothy found a music teacher who taught everyone how to play. 

Soon Lucinda had her toad-sized harp — and an entire toad orchestra to play with her! 

Illustration source: Me + a Canva background.

This is an entry for the Spring Fling 2021 Kidlit Contest.