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What’s At the End of Your Nose?

Sidney Snail is so bored that he’s about to leave town in search of adventure. But when mysterious Old Samuel Snail convinces him to take one last look around, Sidney discovers he’s been missing amazing things all along. Right in front of his nose!

This book will help kids find wonderful, meaningful moments in even the simplest things around them.

With delightful black & white illustrations on matte paper, What’s At the End of Your Nose? can also be used as a coloring book!


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What are people saying?

“A great starting point to spark discussion about one’s environment and finding magic in the ordinary.” -Luisa LeFleur, The Children’s Book Review

“This astonishing tale of a bored snail is one filled with smiles and excitement from beginning to end.” -Rosie Malezer, Readers’ Favorite (starred)

“My kids loved the pictures and the engaging narrative and went to bed grinning and talking to each other about snails and Bub Bells.” -Tom Kretzmer

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Dr. Guinea Pig George 

Who says guinea pigs can’t be doctors? Dr. Guinea Pig George really does think he’s a doctor, and it never occurs to him that he might be wrong!

Then one day George goes on an unexpected house call and gets to show what he knows during a “pig-culiar” situation.

Dr. Guinea Pig George helps kids believe in themselves, even if their dreams seem out of reach.


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What are people saying?

“This is one of the most unique, joyful books I have read in a very long time.” -Rosie Malezer, Readers’ Favorite (starred)

“A sweet and funny animal story for newly independent readers.” -Kirkus Review

“This is one of those books that clearly needs to be on a nightstand for a little child. The illustrations are beautiful and the content is perfect.” -J. Gibbens

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