Cover Reveal for “Hush, Mouse!”

It is a thing of beauty.

Front Cover_golden orange_circular_longmeows.jpg

What’s Hush, Mouse! about?

A tiny gray kitten named Mouse likes to meow—a lot. And she never seems to meow at the right time, so her people are always telling her to hush.

Little Liz is the only one in the family who appreciates Mouse. Little Liz is short for her age and her people’s ears are too high above her voice, so nobody pays much attention to what she has to say, either.

Little Liz and Mouse understand each other perfectly and spend a lot of time together. Then one day, they prevent a crime, and prove that even though they’re small, they’re worth being listened to!

Where to get it

It will be this year (2018)! We’re in the digital proof stage and I don’t have a date—yet. I will most certainly let you know! Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll know much faster. 🙂

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Where has Chris Dunn been all my life?

Or vice versa?

I quite serendipitously came upon Chris Dunn’s artwork while visiting my sadly often-neglected Pinterest.

The way Chris sees animals is a very important way.

What a marvel.

I am enchanted. If you are, too, head over to his website, and don’t forget to read his blog.

Right Now Is All About Guinea Pigs

This is known as a drive-by pigging.