Yammer: Yep, Still Kicking!

“Congrats, Yammer, for being the reason why Microsoft leads the pack in enterprise collaboration tools–but don’t rest on your laurels!”

This is not the first such jovial message, nor will it be the last.

Ordinarily I would have overlooked it, but today I thought: Why all this waiting for failure?

Goofy Head Scratch 2.jpg

Yammer–and Microsoft, for that matter–are not about to rest on their so-called laurels. There are on-going enhancements calculated to keep ahead of customer needs, which is no small feat when these needs are ever-evolving themselves.

That’s what good enterprise collaboration products do. They acknowledge the state of flux we find ourselves in, and work to make it work for us, not against us.

And they listen. I love being able to talk to “Microsoft,” to the people, real people, within it. I love knowing that we’re being heard. It’s made a difference. I believe it will continue to.

So I’ll just be over here with my Yammer networks that have proven themselves to be helping my company and its customers be more and do more. This is a priceless window that both reflects our efforts and looks outward into how we’re making a real difference in this world.

Where will you be?


Yammer Is What You Make Of It

“If you are an organization that does not encourage open collaboration, does not want people to feel able to share ideas and impressions, does not want people to step out of their roles, and fears hearing that *gasp* maybe not everyone is happy with the status quo, then no, you’re not going to like Yammer.”

This is part of a reasoned rebuttal I wrote to a recent excellent post by Jeremy Thake, “Groups in Outlook vs Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint Online vs Yammer.” Naturally I responded to the points about Yammer.

Just one click and you’ll read the rest over on Medium!


I can’t help it: I love goodies

I’m home today, taking care of my guinea pig, Teddy, who recently underwent a rather big dental procedure for such a little guy. He’s feeling all weird-toothed and groggy, so I’m keeping an eye on him despite feeling rather helpless most of the time.

So I have to say, getting the mail today really helped make my day, because…


The official MVP box arrived.


Microsoft does good presentation:


Now what you’ll see next is more than one box, for another gift arrived today.

On the left side are the goodies from a random drawing done in the Microsoft Tech Community. I was lucky enough to be one of 10 winners. They loaded up this box just great!

On the right are the goodies that represent my MVP renewal. Last year, I received the actual award base; you add the little date discs to it as you progress in MVP-ship.

And of course, more stickers!


Thanks, Microsoft!