Waters of Joy

Alicia Young, my illustrator for Hush, Mouse! (coming soon), can draw anything from a sunbathing hedgehog to a fuzzy bear all blue, to pairs of unlikely but perfectly-right friends, to an inspirational person who comes dancing into your life at just the right moment.

But she does so much more beyond this. In both traditional and digital art, she brings to life the most wonderful feelings. And I can say I’ve never met anyone more positive and overflowing with goodness. I’m proud to know her, and so glad she agreed to illustrate my book!

Check out the full Waters of Joy. and more of her stunning artwork.

Where has Chris Dunn been all my life?

Or vice versa?

I quite serendipitously came upon Chris Dunn’s artwork while visiting my sadly often-neglected Pinterest.

The way Chris sees animals is a very important way.

What a marvel.

I am enchanted. If you are, too, head over to his website, and don’t forget to read his blog.