New Inclusive Font Editions!

I am happy to announce that Hush, Mouse! and The Squeezor is Coming! have both been reprinted in a font that is dyslexic inclusive.

Their wonderful covers have kept the same beloved artwork. Bring one or both home with you!

Children’s Picture Book Sale!

For a limited time, I’m offering signed copies of my award-winning children’s picture books. Order them right here:

First come, first served basis. I can only do US orders at this time.

First time visiting? My name is Becky Benishek, and my picture books can help the child or children in your life explore the world around them, enjoy whimsical adventures, learn about empathy, and feel good about the person they are.

This special is made possible by the 2020 Holiday Indie Book Festival where my books and many others, including book-related items and holiday cards, are on sale. Here’s the Facebook group where it’s all happening.

Dr. Guinea Pig George

A guinea pig named George lives in a house with a person named George, who is a doctor. But every time the phone rings and someone in the house says, “George, it’s for you,” guinea pig George thinks they mean him! Then one day, George is able to show what he can do during a very unexpected house call.

Dr. Guinea Pig George helps kids believe in themselves, even if their dreams seem out of reach.

Hush, Mouse!

A kitten named Mouse meows so much that she’s always being told to hush! Only Little Liz appreciates Mouse, because nobody really pays attention to what she has to say, either. Then one day, they prevent a crime, proving that even though they’re small, they’re worth being listened to!

Hush, Mouse! helps kids feel their voices are important, no matter their size.

What’s At the End of Your Nose?

Sidney Snail is so bored that he’s about to leave town in search of adventure. But when mysterious Old Samuel Snail convinces him to take one last look around, Sidney discovers he’s been missing amazing things all along.

With delightful black & white illustrations on matte paper, this book can also be used as a coloring book!

What’s At the End of Your Nose? helps kids realize that they don’t have to be bored–there’s a whole world waiting for them to discover, right in their own homes and backyards.

The Squeezor is Coming!

The Squeezor is a monster who just wants to give hugs: Great, big, wrap-his-arms-around-you-twice, squeezy hugs. The trouble is, he looks so scary, even other monsters run away! How can he get everyone to look past his appearance and be his friend? Join the Squeezor in Ghastly Gigapolis as he figures it out!

The Squeezor is Coming! helps kids learn not to judge based on appearances, and also that each of them has their own very special talents.

Bring a new friend home for the child or children in your life today!

March 2020: Where to find my books

My children’s book publisher, MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, alerted me that Amazon will not be ordering or replenishing any non-essential item. This includes books. The physical kind, that is! There are, however, alternative avenues I’ll list below.

First I wanted to say how completely understandable this decision is.

COVID-19 is something we’re all still adjusting to, even if we’re lucky enough not to have the disease or be worried about a friend or family member who does.

We’re worried about balancing work and home life, about still having to go to a physical place of work, about being sequestered in our homes and creating a work space where none existed, about our multi-generational households, about our own fear and stress and the fear and stress we pick up from others.

The small stuff gets magnified and the large stuff can seem insurmountable. We’re not in this alone, but it can feel that way.

Amazon and other such suppliers will hopefully continue to provide items people need that they can’t get anywhere else.

With all that, my publisher is one of the many adjusting to keeping life going, as it were. MacLaren-Cochrane is a small operation. At the date of this post, the owner believes they’ll still be able to drop-ship from the printer as long as the printer continues operations.

If you’d like to order my books to put entertainment, adventures, and learning material in your children’s hands, please check these places if Amazon shows out of stock or there is no ebook option:

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing

  • My author page (links to all versions of Hush, Mouse! and The Squeezor is Coming!)

All of my children’s books, self-published and traditional

At this time, I have not heard that Black Hare Press, which I contribute adult sci-fi/fantasy stories to, has been similarly affected. You can continue to go to Amazon for those stories (link leads to my Books page).

Thank you for supporting small businesses with all of the everything-else going on! I hope you and yours stay healthy and safe.