Listen To: Loch Lomond

One of the many wonderful songs I used to play when rooting through my dad’s LP collection:

“Loch Lomond” – Benny Goodman Orchestra, vocals Martha Tilton.

“Oh, you take the high road, and I’ll take the low road,
but I’ll be in Scotland before you
For me and my true love may never meet again
On the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond.”

You’re Just An In Between

Friends of mine are dealing with the aggravations of the tween years in their household, and it brought to mind this song:

“I’m not a child, and children bore me
I’m not grown up, grown ups ignore me
And in every sense I’m just on a fence
I’m just an in between…”

You probably can feel “in between” at any age.

I learned something new today: While “tween” accurately describes kids between childhood and full-fledged teen years, it was a marketing term!

Benny Goodman Says “Tain’t No Use”

I first heard this song, oh, way back, and still love it today.

Benny Goodman is one of my delights, and the fact that he’s singing in this makes it even better! I don’t care that he’s not a trained singer, it’s BENNY.


Benny Goodman in his iconic pose, from

“No, tain’t no use
Tain’t no use
Cooked my goose
No, tain’t no use…”

You will experience the same intellectual heights with the rest of the lyrics here.